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Ippi's Bait & Tackle, Inc.  <"))))><.    (781) 596-0317
Laura "Ippi" Ippoliti  5 Parkland Ave. Lynn MA 01904    Directions:


Updated hrs check Ippi's voicemail 781-596-0317, FB, here on Ippi's Website or any of the Search Engines (but other search engines can take a couple day to update).

Oct-Dec (FALL Off-Season/Non-Ice): W-F (2p-5p) + Sat (9a-2p)
Take a Kid Fishing so we have more anglers fishing and Ippi can hire workers to help with the increase Hrs needed for the demand!!!
IT'S All Supply and DEMAND! 
Jan + Feb (Ice Fishing Season): W-F (9a-4p), Sat + Sun (7a-Noon)
Mar + April (Spring Off-Season/Non-Ice): W-Sat (9a-4p)
May-Sept (Summer Season): W-Sat (7a-7p) + Sun (7a-Noon)
Oct - Dec (Fall Off-Season/Non-Ice): W-F (2p-5p) + Sat (9a-2p)

Closed on Federal Holidays: Holidays have been always Slow because Anglers are with Family + Friends and also they Plan Ahead and get their Bait Couple Days before the Holiday, enabling them to get right out there in the Morning!!!


Who Is Ippi?-----Who Is Nancy? ----- Who is Sadie + Roo?-----What is Ippi's?

Ippi-ism: Having a hard time with your scissors; are your knives dull? Ippi has a Professional Knife Sharpener; she gets them sharper than when you bought them! Previous Ippi-isms Ippi's Urgent Message area: Sorry the website has been behind; we fixed the problem and can update it again! Come in Ippi's to see everything we offer! For Details, Click links:
Bait (ordered weekly) Rods - Reels - Line - Tackle - Supplies - Services - Sharpening: Scissors & Knife - Catch of the Year Pictures - Bragging Wall Pics - Fish Stocking Wyoma Sidewalk Sales - Ice Safety - Suggested Businesses - Lynn Fish & Game - Other Fishing Pics - Sluice Pond Assoc. - Fishing Charters Ippi's is a Top-Shelf Dealer of Penn, Shimano, Leatherman, Okuma, Lamiglass Rods, & Vertical Jigging Rods. Order your high-end items from Ippi!! The last Ippi's Derby of the summer was the LF+G Fall Bass Derby on Sluice Pond, followed by the annual Award Ceremony at the Four Winds Pub Starting at 1pm. See Results of this & the on On-going Striper Derby fb!! YES WE HAVE SHINERS IN STOCK!! Don't forget a bucket; we will NOT put shiners in bags. Use an aerator, for your shiners to last; they need oxygen. Link to Fishing Info (fresh/salt water license, commercial permits + more) 2012 DERBY: results + rules + pictures Click on link above to read about Lynn Fish & Game Opener, dedicated to Bill Surawski. Also Junior Female Award, dedicated to Jean Seelley; pictures to be posted soon! To All my loyal customers, through these hard years; know that Ippi's prices are close if not BETTER than Dick's + Walmart! Hope 2012 is a Happy, Safe + Prosperous Year 2004- 2011 DERBY Links: results + pictures Come see what's new! Have you noticed the 'Top Shelf' cabinet by the worm fridge? These items are ONLY for the Angler that wants the Top items, to catch the Top Fish! Ippi's Environmental and Stocking Day (click on link): Ippi's 2011 Restocking and Environmental Day Ippi has bait and tackle for catching everything from Kibbies to Tuna! If you don't see what you need, please give Ippi the make and model number of the item you need; she will order it for you (deposit may be required for special orders). Ippi's PROFESSIONALLY Sharpens Auger Blades, Knives, Scissors, Shears, Cooking Knives and more! You can give someone a gift certificate as a present; it can be used on sharpening services! Get what you want for birthdays & holidays; ask your friends and family to buy you an Ippi's GIFT CERTIFICATE! Good on everything in shop except bill-paying & derbies! DAYS CLOSED: click on "Seasonal Hours" above. Ippi's has everything you need for your favorite fisherman: rods, reels, lures + much, much more! Ippi's has gift certificates- a great gift for that special someone who fishes! You don't have to figure out what they want or need; they come in & pick it out!! Gift Certificate denominations available: $20, $50, & $100. Ippi's does special orders- ask if you do not see what you want (deposit required). Click here for Lynn Fish & Game Facebook Page (Requires facebook account) Plenty of shiners available- small, medium, large, pikes & jumbo (jumbo for ice fishing season). Plenty of worms: night crawlers (2 sizes), trout/red, giant mealworm/grubsm waxworms Winning ticket was Pulled Aug 15th at 11am at Ippi’s (Fishing Charter Raffle)! Half-day Fishing Charter Worth $375 was won! Charter Date: 8/15/10, Out of Lynn Seaport Landing in Lynn. Raffle Tickets were only $10 each or 5 tickets for $45 Tickets were Sold At Ippi’s Only; no other locations! Go to For Reel Charters to learn more about the charter. Ippi was Essex County League's Sportsman of the Year 2009 Tagged Bass in Sluice Pond! Come in to Ippi's Bait & Tackle for more information and to sign up for all events. As usual, Ippi's is open 1 hour prior to all tournaments. Look for Don McClory's Local Fishing updates in his column in Lynn's Daily Item. FREE MONOFILAMENT LINE ON ALL COMBOS PURCHASED